Custom jade carvings

Our artists have the most experience in carving Burmese jadeite but, as you can see from this link on "Jade", it is one of the most difficult of all materials to carve. Stones such as agate, lapis lazuli, quartz, chalcedony, chrysophrase, or whatever other types of gem material you may have, or want to use, are much easier for the carvers to do.

The artists can make any type of carving, from any hard material you desire. However, before the birth of, the artists' experience was primarily Sacred Asian subject matter.

Therefore, if you would like a carving of occidental subject matter, please supply us with detailed, high-resolution photos of the specific subject you want carved. As many views as possible, please. Better yet, if you could supply us with a 3D model that you want copied in Jade or other stone materials, we can duplicate whatever model you send to us.


We always study a piece of rough material carefully before deciding what subject matter to carve. In this way, we maximize the weight yield after carving. Therefore, if you supply us with the original stone to be carved, we request that your subject matter takes in to consideration the shape of the piece of rough you supply.

For example, if you have a cubic shape of rough, a teddy bear carving would be more conducive to the rough shape than a dolphin. For a dolphin, the rough shape should be longer and thinner: the same general shape as a real dolphin looks in the water.

If the shape of the rough coincides with the shape of the finished carving, we would expect an approximate yield of 35% to 50%.

When you email us the specifics of what you want carved (material, subject matter and size), we will estimate the finished labor cost of the carving and email it back to you. At that point, if you are interested for us to complete the carving, you will need to send us a 50% deposit to confirm the order.


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